Jason Scott


As the President and founder of a specialty foods company as well as a broker for companies of all stages of the business cycle, Jason understands business – both as a business owner and as a business consultant/business broker.

Beginning his double roles in early 2015, Jason started his own specialty food and gifts company, Jason Scott, where he creates, develops, and sources specialty food gift programs for national retailers.

Jason also brings a tactical and creative business approach to the retail trade in other ways besides his own business. Jason works as a consultant with many different food companies. He helps in creating new and exciting marketing and selling programs for his vendors as well as coordinating selling programs with manufacturers and selling to specialty retailers for company growth. Jason works as a sourcing specialist as well, sourcing materials, packaging and foods components from all around the world.


In this role as a business consultant/broker for a wide range of food companies, he has been, and is able to, closely observe the internal operations and financial conditions of many businesses in all stages of development. Consequently, Jason has a unique perspective as to why some businesses achieve resounding success while others fail. As a consultant, he advises clients to help them maintain an increasingly productive and profitable business as well as gives recommendations on how to run and improve their business.

Jason also manages websites, patents and trademarks from design to development to execute at retail.

 In addition to the hands-on experience as a business consultant, broker, and owner, Jason earned his MBA from Lynn University and graduated from Drake University with a B.S. in Marketing and Management. After graduating, Jason spent the first years of his professional career immersed in the food business working in multiple areas of the food industry, including hospitality, catering and production. After wearing many hats and absorbing all he could from these positions, he started his own company: Jason Scott.

 Jason continues to pursue opportunities in the specialty food space and is looking at investing and partnering with different food companies to help with growth in the future.


Taryn Daley


With an extensive marketing and graphic design background, Taryn integrates knowledge and creativity into her role with specialty food and gift company, Jason Scott. Taryn develops eye-catching gift packaging designs that are distributed to our retailers. Her core strengths include marketing strategy, graphic design, social media, photography and videography. With a mind that is constantly churning with creative direction, her input and skills are invaluable to Jason Scott.

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